Situated in New Delhi, The Neemrana Music Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on training young musicians and singers from India to acquire professional skills in the field of Western Classical Music.

Through the means of this Foundation, Francis Wacziarg took further his commitment to preserving heritage and promoting cultural exchanges between the East and the West through the universal power of music. In light of its mission to teach Western Classical Music, the Foundation has created several vocal groups and choirs. Every year it offers scholarships to young Indian individuals to enable them to study abroad. This training culminates in grand Opera performances that have received many accolades from audiences across India.

In 2014, Priya Wacziarg organized a tribute to her father’s achievement -the Opera Gala, which staged excerpts of the nine operas produced by Francis Wacziarg in his life time. The gala showcased over 400 costumes by Indian designers, three ballet troops and 150 artists of which all the soloists were Indians, trained over the years by the Neemrana Foundation.

Our objectives

  • To promote classical music in India.
  • To impart music education and to award scholarships to young Indian singers and musicians to study in India or abroad.
  • To organise classes and workshops for musicians, singers and hand-crafters interested in Theater settings, in which they can interact with artistes from all over the world.
  • To form a chorus and an orchestra to support visiting music companies.
  • To create a core group of world class musicians and opera singers in India.
  • To organise in India concerts and recitals with Indian and foreign artistes.
  • To build up an opera repertoire for performances in India and abroad with trained Indian and foreign singers & musicians.