Concert at City Palace, Jaipur on 31st October

The Neemrana Music Foundation will be performing on 31st October, 2021 at the City Palace Jaipur for the French Institute in India, Jaipur.

After a very long time due to the covid-19 crisis, The Neemrana Music Foundation is finally having an outstation physical concert and we are really excited about it.

50th Anniversary of Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. On the occasion, a live piano and opera concert was organized in collaboration with The Neemrana Music Foundation. 

Here’s an article by the National Herald India on the same

C# See Sharp: Creativity Workshop For Young Musicians And Performing Artists

Italian pianist Gloria Campaner is conducting a two day online workshop, one dedicated to instrumentalists and another dedicated to all the artistes.The details are as following:

Day 1: This workshop focuses on the piano and other instruments including voice (accompanied by pianists). Each musician should prepare a piece of 5 minutes with their instrument or a song (for vocalists). Gloria Campaner will give constructive feedback and guidance to allow each participating musician to find their individual path to their own creative expression.
Date: 20th June 2020
Time: 3 pm onwards
To register yourself, please follow the link below:…/event

Day 2: A special workshop meant for musicians, artists, stage performers and all those who want to improve their public speaking and presentation skills and want to overcome the psychological barrier of facing the stage.
Date: 21st June 2020
Time: 3 pm onwards
To register yourself, please follow the link below:…/event

Zarzuela ‘The Syndicate of Seducers’

The Neemrana Music Foundation in partnership with the Embassy of Spain in India, Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi and Royal Opera House Mumbai are bringing to India the best of Spanish zarzuela on Thursday 27th February to Delhi.

Zarzuela is a popular genre of musical comedy originated in Spain that uses a mix of songs and spoken scenes, very much like an operetta; an unique showcase of the rhythms and traditions of the diverse cultures of Spain.

The Hilarious Spanish Operetta ‘The Syndicate of Seducers’ (1910) by José Serrano, is one of the most recognizable zarzuela compositions. A hilarious comedy that takes the audience from Madrid (Spain) to India, via Paris and Venice:

The light, and slightly naughty plot, sees the chairman of the Syndicate of Seducers hurtling around the world with his wife in tow, to save her from seduction by a vengeful fellow member. This is a pretext for a series of wholly engaging divertissements nominally set in Paris, Venice … and an India oddly fantasized by the composer!

Free entry by collecting a pass at L’Opera Patisserie, Khan Market


In collaboration with the Neemrana Music Foundation, the Italian pianist Gloria Campaner will hold an intense collective workshop on free lateral thinking, music creativity and stage fear control, through the practice of different breathing technics and brainstorming exercises, yoga basics, telepathy training, freestyle playing and expressive performing laboratory. The aim is to prepare young performers to face the stressful situations occurring in a musician’s life and career, and to help them leaving back the comfort zone of traditional music education, in order to welcome new experimentations.The workshop will take place on 18th December, from 3 pm to 6 pm, at the Neemrana Music Foundation, A-58, East Nizamuddin, 110013 – New Delhi, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, and is open to artists of all classes, age and level. To reserve a post, please contact The Neemrana Music Foundation, writing an email to

Music Pedagogy Sessions

It is our pleasure to inform you that Mr. Jasmin Martorell will be giving sessions in Music Pedagogy at The Neemrana Music Foundation. In the sessions he will explain about how to teach and develop the technique of evaluating range and quality of the voice. He will also teach about how to understand the details that defines a particular voice type. For budding and experienced teachers of music, this is an exciting opportunity to enhance their teaching skills. The sessions will be held at A-58 East Nizamuddin on 3rd, 10th and 17th December from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. The charges are INR 500 per class per head.
To confirm your participation, please send us an email at