Classical Music of Italy

The Neemrana Music Foundation in collaboration with Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi and The Blind Relief Association, New Delhi organized a presentation of Classical Music of Italy. The Presentation was led by Ms. Daniela Dolce (Singer) and her ensemble of three highly talented musicians from Italy.
– Teresa Dereviziis, Violin
– Daniele Biagini, Piano
– Daniele Borgognoni, Percussion

The presentation was a huge success with the artists performing for the audience which included children, faculty and the Neemrana Children Choir of the Blind Relief Association and children from Sanjay Camp who are a part of our latest project “Bows Up” which is in collaboration with “Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation)”. The Children had a great interaction session with the artists followed by a sing along session. The children from Sanjay camp who are learning Violin also enjoyed and interacted with Ms. Teresa Dereviziis.


Let’s make an Opera!

As a part of our missions to bring opera to everyone, we have decided to build a pedagogical project for secondary schools to discover, build, practice opera.

This will involve our best singers and our children choir, as they share their passion for western classical music and opera in very rare and inspiring context, schools activities.

It will be the first time and we are really very excited about it!

The opera for the workshop is the famous, The Little Sweep by Benjamin Britten with a libretto by Eric Crozier.

There is a first part that takes the form of a play in which the cast portray contemporary amateur performers conceiving, creating and rehearsing the opera. Intended as an introduction to and demystification of the operatic genre.

Our pedagogical workshops will guide the students through the process of putting together an opera show, by way of the following options:


OPTIONS Description Details
Option 1 Opera with all solos by TNMF TNMF will bring all the soloists from Children from our Choir to adults soloists.

Children from your School will participate to the opera in singing the 4 audiences songs.
Our Conductors will assist your music teachers with 4 sessions of rehearsal.

Pedagogical workshops will be done by TNMF to introduce the project

Option 2 Opera with adults solos by TNMF TNMF will only bring the adults soloists.

Your music teachers in link with our Conductors will choose the 6 children soloist in your School. All the other childrens will participate to the opera in singing the 4 audiences songs.

Our Conductors will assist your music teachers with 4 sessions of rehearsal with the choir + 6 with the soloists (rehearsals at TNMF have to be planned).

Pedagogical workshops will be done by TNMF to introduce the project

You can add The Play Before the show, you can perform with your school theatre group the Let’s make an Opera! play that explain how to make the opera. We will help to provide the text and if necessary we will bring our theatre partner in.

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European Day 2019

Each year the Neemrana Music Foundation is happy to be part of the European Day.

It is our endeavor to always bring something new to the show while retaining the tradition of performing the Indian National Anthem & Ode to Joy, the European Anthem. This year we brought together our Adult and Children choirs along with children from our CSR project and a Flutist to open the ceremony with music.

The audience was very receptive, it was a great time for all of us!

Namaste Mr. President

Our children choir was honored to greet and sing for Mister President Emmanuel Macron and the first lady Missus Brigitte Macron.
Singers of the Neemrana Children choir from New Delhi schools and The Blind Relief Association of Delhi, sang the national anthem of France “La Marseillaise” that concluded the event, following which the children got an opportunity to meet the President and share their experience.


Children Choir is back on tracks!

We are planning a great VIP concert in March.
A good reason to re-launch the children choir session!

So, no more hesitation, register your kids for a rich music experience, friendship, French sip. Let’s get them dive in the best of Western music!

Hurry, hurry, fixed number of seats!
👉 6 to 14 years old
👉 Every Sunday from 3-4.30PM in NIzzamudin
👉 Rs. 3000 INR per quater
👉 Register here!

Audition at the Blind Relief Association School

Yesterday, Nadya Balyan our choir conductor did the audition for our new session choir at the Blind Relief Association School in Delhi. We will have a wonderful team of 20 great kids super motivated!

They will have music class every Thursday.
Every Sunday, children from other schools in Delhi will join and all together they will work on a special song, for a special guest of India.

Want to join? Register here!