The Foundation at TEDx

Aude Priya Engel, Managing Trustee of Neemrana Music Foundation focused on the relevance of “relating to emotions because that’s where creativity comes from” and the uniqueness of Opera, that can be related to any subject. It enables a catharsis of powerful emotions, overcomes language barriers and is an art form wherein, the so-called, “ugly and fat” people bring out their “inner beauty”. She talked about the over hundred operas that are set in India and how the Indian people are so quick at grasping things, especially languages.

We also had a small presentation by one of our singer Edwin Joseph to commemorate the event.

Children Choir is back on tracks!

We are planning a great VIP concert in March.
A good reason to re-launch the children choir session!

So, no more hesitation, register your kids for a rich music experience, friendship, French sip. Let’s get them dive in the best of Western music!

Hurry, hurry, fixed number of seats!
👉 6 to 14 years old
👉 Every Sunday from 3-4.30PM in NIzzamudin
👉 Rs. 3000 INR per quater
👉 Register here!

Audition at the Blind Relief Association School

Yesterday, Nadya Balyan our choir conductor did the audition for our new session choir at the Blind Relief Association School in Delhi. We will have a wonderful team of 20 great kids super motivated!

They will have music class every Thursday.
Every Sunday, children from other schools in Delhi will join and all together they will work on a special song, for a special guest of India.

Want to join? Register here!