Situated in New Delhi, The Neemrana Music Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting Western Classical Music in India.The mission of the foundation is to disseminate lyrical and symphonic repertoires in India and to mold young singers and musicians into professional artists.

In 2014, Priya Wacziarg organized a tribute to her father’s achievement -the Opera Gala, which staged excerpts of the nine operas produced by Francis Wacziarg in his life time. The gala showcased over 400 costumes by Indian designers, three ballet troops and 150 artists of which all the soloists were Indians, trained over the years by The Neemrana Music Foundation.

What’s New !

Children’s Choir

Learn and have fun with our Children’s choir online sessions! The sessions will take place on Sundays from 3 -4 pm over Zoom. Age group: 6 – 14 years Fee: INR 4,000 per quarter Please write to us at for more details.

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